Ryan’s minecraft mod pack 1.3_01 v1

OK this is what all the mods do plus info on the .jar fileso first the jar file is pre-modded with all the mods so if you only want a few you need to to mod it yourself just saying cant make a bunch a jar files thought i may do i few custom ones if you ask me
now what the mods do:

-(1.3_01-BETA)SinglePlayerCommandsV2.3_01:makes it so that you can use multiplayer commandsin single player(hit “t” to open the command bar for thoughs of you who dont know) example command:Give 278 1 or i diamond pickaxe gives you one diamond pickaxe
-Careful Creeper: makes it so creepers explode and damage you but  not the blocks
-FoaSized Chests v02n: makes it so you can put chest on top of each other
-Light Tools V4: makes it so you can make tools using light stone ore
-MapOptions200: makes it so you have map generation options
-ModLoader B1.3_01v5 (1):you have to have this to use most of these mods
-More Block IDs (10): makes it so you can add new blocks to the game (makes other mods work)
-More Stackables: makes it so you can stack some blocks you could not stack before
-Portable Workbench V9.00: makes it so you can make a Portable Workbench and right click it in your hand to use it anywhere
-Weaponmod v2.0: adds new weapons to the game such as Battle axe, Spear and a cool little gun XD
so yeah guys hope this works if you have any questions about this plz ask me thanks for the dload =D

Download: http://download1262.mediafire.com/e2aacn3qb6gg/hj0h92w4pxslhry/Ryan%27s+minecraft+mod+pack+1.3_01+v1.zip

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